Gainswave Therapy

Optimize Your Sexual Performance

If you’re looking to enhance your sexual performance or you’re looking for an innovative treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Gainswave therapy is the treatment you’ve been waiting for.  Through easy and convenient treatment sessions, Gainswave treatment offers a medication, and surgery free approach to enhancing your performance, with long lasting results.

  • Short & Convenient Sessions
  • Long Lasting Results with No Recovery Time
  • Drug Free and Surgery Free
  • A Natural Alternative to ED Medication

Optimize Performance

Often called, Bio-Hacking or Body Optimization, Gainswave Treatments can be used as a one time treatment to enhance your overall performance, erections and orgasms. Results last up to one month from a single treatment.


Prevent or Treat Mild ED

At the first signs of a decrease in sexual performance, Gainswave treatment can be used to prevent or treat mild ED and to help optimize your overall performance, getting you back to enjoying sex like you did in your 20’s.


Treat Moderate to Severe ED

If your performance has been compromised by health issues or aging, Gainswave treatment can help to restore some of your lost function, or help to get ED medications working again.

How Does Gainswave Work?

Convenient and Drug Free Therapy for Any Age

Gainswave Therapy uses safe and gentle sound waves, which are applied to the treatment area by a licensed physician in a series of treatments, specific to your sexual health goals.  These sound waves help to stimulate blood flow to the area, regenerating blood vessels,  breaking down calcium deposits, and helping to rejuvenate tissue, resulting in firmer and longer lasting erections.

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